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 Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 ©2001

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Music: "James Last & Orchestra" - "Lili Marlene"

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I came across, a simple note.

In attic strewn with dust, forgotten 30 years or more.

It gave my heart a thrust, addressed to me from you it read.

In paper creased, and folded. "My love when needed, call me here..."

This number which unfolded.


With trembling hands, and eyes in tears.

A lump came to my throat, for here at last a memory,

From something that you wrote.

I wondered where, and how, my search for you to start.

Alone and feeble, in my years, you're still within my heart.

I called this number from the note, amazed to find you there.

With trembling hands, and eyes in glaze, I hear you say you care.

How nice to think that we could meet, and set our date apart.

I'll meet you at the station, a note I sent my heart.


The day arrived in splendor; the sun was high above.

The blood was rushing through my veins,

My heart was filled with love.

The moment that I saw you, I threw away my cane.

I tried to run to greet you, to hold away the pain.


Ten steps I took and crumbled, while grasping at my chest.

My head indeed was spinning, my legs they did protest.

One more stride I pleaded, as to my knees I rose,

Seeing you in nearness, I knew I must compose.


Outstretched arms that found me, resting on one knee.

Held me close and tender, for the world to see.

Once more my breath was failing, my eyes they could not see.

'Til you bent down and kissed them, resuscitating me.


Somewhere, when we look back, and think of how we met.

Now that were together, for stronger I will get.

Just having you beside me, counting long lost years.

Wipes away the sorrow, and my lonely tears.


© By Nollaig 1999.


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