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Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 ©2001

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Music: "James Last & Orchestra" - Ireland - "When Irish eyes are Smiling"

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Sweet Sixteen


Long ago and far away,

A memory from my youth?

Recalling days, with endless haze,

Do you believe in truth?


Alone you sat, with crumpled hat,

Not knowing what to do.

When I approached, with swagger gate,

And said 'Hello' to you.


Uplifting eyes, with flutter lids,

That held me in a stare.

I watched in awe as fingers,

Swept through that gleaming hair.


The sunlight's rays, of golden haze,

Around your head did shine.

From that moment, yet I knew,

To ask if you'd be mine?


My outstretched arm was taken,

And gingerly you rose.

Stride for stride together,

We surely did compose.


Best friend, my buddy, you became,

And so the story goes.

This was to last forever,

For heaven only knows.


That year we spent together,

Portrays a life of bliss.

I still have not forgotten,

The warmth of our first kiss.


That precious memory, in my heart,

Has stood the test of time.

From first that moment, I recall,

When you said you'd be mine.


We called each other Sweetheart,

And Darling this or that.

Even on the days,

When I acted such a brat.


Those days we spent together,

So pristine and so clean.

It only happens once,

When you're really Sweet Sixteen.


We talked of love unfettered,

And how it would endure.

That was until an angel came,

For someone to procure.


Now her star, with brilliance,

Glows high upon the sky.

At night I see it twinkling,

From the corner of my eye.


Now that I am older,

A life to live anew.

No one knows the secret,

Of what was once we two.


The night sky holds the promise,

From one who is a queen.

Taken from my arm,

When she was sweet Sixteen.


© By Nollaig 2000.



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