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Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 ©2001

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Music: "James Last & Orchestra" - "September Song"

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September's come, September's go,

But one will last forever.

In the hearts, of my dear friends,

Who vowed their love together.


Tall trees did witness, high on hill,

Where birds, and eagles shrill.

Before a crowd, with heads all bowed,

Those words that said "I will."


Tho' years have passed, a union blessed,

Loves time endured, to pass the test.

In giving and sharing, creating a nest,

The world informed, we did our best.


Both families too, from afar are near,

Held in the heart, so warm and dear.

Knowing life's strife, guidance by ear,

Assurances given, allaying the fear.


In harmony now, united to stand,

A child onto them, to hold by the hand.

A future secured, in life which is grand,

Gods given gift, to walk on this land.


A road lies ahead, pitted and sorrowed,

Tales from a traveler, a must to be borrowed.

In humor has said, a wish to be wedded,

A smile on the face, a rouse to be bedded.


And so as life goes, no friendships wonder,

Secure in the mind, the hearts rejoinder.

In knowing this three, no love ever fonder,

All world to see, no strangers ponder.


© By Nollaig 1996.


To my friend Dave, Helene, and Robert.

God bless all three...


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