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Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 © 2001

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Music: "James Last & Orchestra - "Biscaya"

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Hi Honey,


Well I guess by the time you get this Postcard,

You will already have heard the news?

Its no rumor, I really did win the SuperLotto?

I am just dropping you this note to let you know.


By the way, the Snowblower is shot! The Credit Cards

Are still in my desk drawer, however, the bank account

is closed. You and your mother, can enjoy looking for

New job's. I am sorry I said I was staying with a sick

Friend for 3 weeks, but by now you will understand.


As for me? I am just enjoying myself, lying around down here.

OH! I must not mention where I am:))

There is no mail here! Anyway, the boat I bought is fuelled,

Stocked, and I am pushing off from here tomorrow morning.

I think I will sail, South by Southwest.


I am getting a Tan already and the new crew girl,

Arrived today. She looks good in a Bikini!

Especially when she is washing the deck or bringing

Me an iced drink. Well, I must close for now.

Don't forget to remove the snow from the roof?

If you want the car, it's still at the Airport.


See you around sometime:)) OH! You are a "Round"


Sorry folks:)) It's all in jest.

Just to brighten your day.


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