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Index of Poems

By: Nollaig O'Hainle

(Chris Hanley) Oceanside: CA © 2001.

Formally: Limerick City, Ireland.

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"Afterglow "

"Morning After"

"A Fairy Tale"

"A Dream"

"A Postcard"

"Your Thoughts"

"Irish Exile"

"Flander's Field's"

"Christmas Morn"

"Ode to a Rose"

"A Little Box"


"Sweet Sixteen"

"A Hippo"

"Hanley's History"

"Old Man by the Sea"


"The Dance"




"Spring Willow"

"The King"


"Irish Lament"




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Biography: Born and raised in Limerick City Ireland, in a time when things where scarce, and one developed the skills of survival. Part of this survival was the ability to observe and take note mentally, and observe one's surroundings. From the Lanes of Limerick to the affluent areas of the City, I learned my way around on a bicycle while working for the GPO as a telegram boy.

"Of all the places I have been, there's only one to fill my dream, the place that lingers in my mind, is the town I've left behind. I've been away now, for too many years. I've read all the papers, they told of your fears, though I've left you with a heart that's been torn I'm coming home now to place I was born."

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