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Pat as a child.

 Forever "Waitnforu ..."

 How can I herald the life of a Friend,

Whose beauty endeared one, right up to the end.

The sudden demise, a quest undertaken,

Leaving an issue, for all those forsaken.


Pat as a teenager

 From a child to a teen, and mature adulthood,

Was the light in her eyes, which we all understood.

Like the ray's of the sun, which warms a room,

This was our "Wait'n..." , taken far too soon.



Pat with Grandchild.


A lover of life, the 'Queen of the May,'

Was never despondent, not known to say nay.

When favors were sought, no words went unspoken,

Pleasures derived, her love was her token. 



 Pat seated at Chicago


No more to see Her phrases; "Hi:)))****"

No more to see Her phrases; "Bye:)))****"

No more to dance around a room,

With someone, taken far too soon.



Pat, Badguy,

Pat, Badguy, Dimples


The times when she sparkled, in a famed Blue Dress,

Will live as a memory, like a flower in press.

To all those who knew her, our lives have been blessed,

We will always remember, as she's laid to rest.




Reflections of Pat.

Pat in Atlanta.


 This page is dedicated to the memory of our dear Online Friend

Patricia Ludwig


1947 ~ 2001

On behalf of all past and present "Fiftysomething" regulars.