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Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 ©2002

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Music: "James Last & Orchestra"

"El Condor Pasa"

Text Version

"The Plight of the Condor".


Where Condor's soar, to go I dare,

To fill the sky, my wings with air,

O'er mountains high, and valley's low,

To watch as seeds begin to grow.


Clean air and water, given freely,

Provide for those who are so needy.

Now pollution, marks our fate,

We cry for those who will abate.


Our voices cry, and yet we dwindle,

Extinction close, hopes may rekindle.

When we are gone, this land will rest,

Decay and nature, who will attest?


Unless we plan for coexistence,

Who will write of our existence?

Sorry I must, with some persistence,

Inject the least of our resistance.


For I'm entrusted, by decree,

To guard for creatures that roam free.

This vantage point that I have chosen,

Mark my life, as just one token.


If you hear my distant cry,

Stop and look you to the sky,

For if my sight becomes unseen

Then know that once, I have been.


A legacy of mans endurance,

For once I was in mass abundance.

Now I claim of my redundance,

In a world not known for prudence.


Now my story it must end,

The sky and lakes my needs to tend.

For whence I go, others may follow,

Then know you not, the pain of sorrow.



© Nollaig 2002



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Either of two New World vultures.

"Vulture gryphus" of the Andes or Gymnogyps Californianus,

a nearly extinct vulture of the mountains of California.

Having a bare head and neck and dull black plumage,

Containing variable amounts of white.

With a wingspan of about three meters (ten feet),

They are the largest birds in the Western Hemisphere.


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