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Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 ©2001

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Music: "James Last & Orchestra" - "Christmas Dancing - Melody"

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On Christmas Morn'.

The dawn arouse, the parents sleep,

When down the stairs, to have a peek.

A festooned tree, with lights a glitter,

Stands a cherub, in gown and slipper.


A fireplace stare, a knowing glance,

Excitement builds cascades in dance.

An empty plate, with crumbs just scattered,

A thank you note, from him that mattered.


"He's been, He's been", the joyous cry.

Uplifting arms, that reach the sky.

Scurrying around, the household still.

No one to sleep, the voice is shrill.


"Daddy! Daddy!, come and see.

Lot's of presents, for you and me.

For Santa's been, I told you so,

Last night I heard a Ho, Ho, Ho".


With loving arms to wrap her tight,

Encouraged dreams, a special night.

Lead's her to a room of splendor,

Cherish the thoughts, she will remember.


Whilst paper flies, the gifts within,

The Oh's and Ahas will soon begin.

A little toy, to give such pleasure,

Soon becomes a lifetime's treasure.


In a father's life, a child is born,

Who grows, and he is left forlorn,

Memories fade, but one's unworn,

The eyes of a child, on Christmas morn'.


(To my daughter Laura, never grow up)


© By Nollaig 1995.


These memories last throughout the years.

And now as elders, we fight the tears.

Looking back, is such a pleasure.

It's our memories, which we treasure...


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