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Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 ©2001

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A Little Box.


We came across a tattered box,

In ribbon's tied with flair.

When opened it revealed within,

A locket of our hair.


A pair of shoes now bronzed it seems?

One wonders how they fit?

A little hat, bootie's and gloves,

Which someone surely knit?


All wrapped within a Christening gown,

Which glowed of once was white.

With frilly lace, to tie in place,

It gave my heart a fright.


Recalling here before our eyes,

In splendor, and in light.

What once did wrap as children?

On that special night.


These items strewn around a room,

Conjurer's a life of bliss.

With hands on face, I'm sure we feel,

The warmth from mother's kiss.


How sad we felt when toys were lost?

And now we find them here.

Selective items from our youth,

Our mother held so dear.


This archive store of memories,

Form echo's of our past.

The times we spent together,

Within our heart will last.


When need arouse to her we turned,

To ease, a troubled heart.

How easily she brushed away,

A tear before they start.


We must admit, we never knew,

This little box existed.

A secret place to reminisce,

For years it had persisted.


Beneath this layer we came across,

Some letters neatly tied.

Addressed to her from Dad it seems,

Just before he died.


Now we know what we must do,

To keep this love alive.

For our children's children,

A plan we must contrive.


Within this box, revealed to us,

A secret of her charm.

Years of holding memories,

Kept her children out of harm.


Grandchildren come to sit on knees,

And hear the stories told.

Of where this little box was found,

And how it did unfold.


When a child is older,

Together reminisce.

Let them know the warmth,

Of a mothers caring kiss.


© By Nollaig 1999.


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