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Author: Nollaig O'Hainle (Chris Hanley) Oceanside, CA 92054 ©2001

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Music: "James Last & Richard Clayderman"

"Kismet - And this is my beloved"

Text Version

Afterglow Thoughts


We lie in the dark, our bodies entwined.

Your head on my chest, your smell on my mind.

You gave onto me, your heart like no other.

In all of this world, a wonderful lover.


Our days, they have differed, in so many ways.

The harsh words I spoke, inflecting my says.

Meaningless now, le roi le veut. *

Considering who, all things that you do.


 With you by my side, I lie here contented.

Drained of a love, so sweet and so scented.

Reflecting on issues, so dear to your heart.

Lasting memories, when we are apart.


Promises made, in the glow of love.

Completion depends, with help from above.

Wishing, and planning, a life made for two.

Ideals, fostering, images of you.


In holding you near, so close on my chest.

Which heaves with pride, presenting my best.

All challenges life straddles our way.

Outcomes, which vary, just hearing you say.


I drift into slumber, all cares far away.

My body all warm, cherished you'd say.

A soft kiss is planted, you cuddle up tight.

There you will stay, what's left of the night.


You lie by my side, until we awaken.

Memories of love will not be mistaken.

You gave onto me, your heart like no other.

In all of this world, a wonderful lover.


And so to sleep, perchance to dream...


© By Nollaig 1997.

*(Le roi le veut {le vu}[F] The King wills it.


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